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1. Agreement and products

On BentBranderupFilms.com Branderup ApS offers films with Bent Branderup and licensed Bent Branderup® Trainers. When you have registered and paid, you will have full access to the material you chose 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You have to be 18 years old to be allowed to register and to purchase access to the video material on this website. If you are under 18, you need the permission of your parents or your legal guardian.
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3. Use of BentBranderupFilms.com for special occasions

If you wish to show our content to others than yourself or in a public or private gathering, you are welcome to contact us via films@bentbranderup.dk so we can find an agreement.

4. Payment

On BentbranderupFilms.com we accept payment via PayPal. If you want to use your credit card, you can register your credit card when setting up a PayPal account. All prices are calculated and charged in Euro and include VAT.

5. Termination

If you decide to have your account and your personal information deleted, you will, as a consequence, lose all access to our material. We will not give any refunds in this case. If you wish have your account deleted, please send an email to films@bentbranderup.dk.

6. Newsletter

When you register on BentBranderupfilms.com, you have the possibility to subscribe for our newsletter. You have the possibility to unsubscribe at any time. We will not bother you with spam but keep you updated about new content on our platform.

7. Copyright

Any content on BentBranderupFilms.com, including video material, pictures, logos and text belong to Bent Branderup and/or Branderup ApS (if not displayed otherwise) and may not be copied or resold. Violation of copyright will be charged with an appropriate fee. The person responsible will be requested to stop the violation immediately. In case of persistend or repeated violation of copyright we will report the case to the authorities. We reserve the right to block any account that was used in connection with violations of our copyright without granting refunds or compensation.

8. Content on BentBranderupFilms.com

The purpose of the video material on BentBranderupFilms.com is to give riders and horse people the possibility to develop their approach towards horses and riding. Branderup ApS can’t be held responsible for any negative consequences or possible accidents that might occur due to the inspiration by the video. It is in the users/customers responsibility to make sure that both he or she and the horse are physically and mentally prepared for the exercise and that appropriate safety equipment is used.

9. Technical problems

Branderup ApS can’t guarantee that BentBranderupFilms.com will always function, but in case of technical problems we promise to work on solving these as fast as possible. Technical problems might lead to shorter or longer periods during which access to our contents can’t be granted. Branderup ApS does not grant compensation due to technical problems with BentBranderupFilms.com, neither can it be held responsible for other technical problems or problems due to an insufficient internet connection.

10. Links to other websites

Branderup ApS is not responsible or liable for the contents of hyperlinks to other wesites which might be found on BentBranderupFilms.com.

11. Severability

If parts of the terms and conditions are held to be illegal or otherwise unenforceable, the remainder should still apply.