Frequently Asked Questions

I have bought access to several films, but after the relaunch of BentBranderupFilms I can’t find them. How can I access the videos?
Please click on “My Account” in the main menu and log in. After this go to “All Videos”. If you scroll through the library you can simply click on those videos you paid for earlier and watch them. Those you did not purchase before can be “added to your cart”.

I ordered some of your films, but I am still waiting for them to be delivered. When did you send them?
We do not sell physical copies of our video material. What we sell is online access to our films. This means you can have access to the material you chose 24/7 as long as you have access to the internet and a device that can play the films.

My login does not work, but I am sure I use the right password!
Please type the email address you used for your registration letter by letter, take care there are no blanks and don’t use the autofill function. If this does not work, please reset your password. If you still have problems login in, you are welcome to contact us via and we will help you to reset your account.

There is a film that does not play properly, I have tried it on different devices, what can I do?
Please contact us immediately on, so we can take care of that problem. Meanwhile you can try if the same film works when you chose different settings for the quality (lower OR higher resolution).