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Stellning and bending

If we start the education of a horse in the riding arena, the first lesson our horses have to learn is stellning & bending as the basic of every further education. 0:30 h

Halt and school-halt

Bent Branderup explains the difference between halt and school-halt. He shows in his work and with some of his students the use of the school-halt as a tool for the education of your horse. 1:14 h

Diary of Swan

Welcome to the diary of Swan, Bent Branderup’s PRE-Stallion, born in 2007. Come along with Swan from his very first days in the stable to his first steps under the saddle. 2:56 h


In this video, Bent Branderup explains the education of a youngster from the very first steps in the education up to the groundwork test on squire level in theory and practice. 2:25 h

Academic seat

In the Academic Art of Riding the seat is the primary aid.


Bent Branderup explains the longework from the basic education of a youngster until the advanced longing in theorie and practice. With some of his students he shows the longework on different levels.

Academic hand

In this educational video, Bent Branderup is explaining the traditional perspective of the rider's hand.

Shoulder in

In this movie, Bent Branderup is explaining why and how the shoulder in is needed to develop a horse's forward and stepping towards the riders hand, and why the content of the excercise is not the sidewarts stepping.

Quarter in & Pirouette

The travers or quarter - in shall enable the rider to bring the outside hindfoot forward in under the point of weight. When doing that the correct activity of the inside hindfoot must be kept and the correct bending shall not be lost.